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  1. This is a Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty #17 – I have one of these with the copyright of MS #17 but I would love to know what her name is.

  2. This is Phyllis Haver – there is a signed copy of this photo on the internet.

    • Thanks Sharon,

      I thought that might be the case from the smile, but Phyllis Haver, if you examine the several images of her here, had a face which could take on several remarkably different appearances.

      John Chuckman

        • Sharon Robinson
        • Posted April 4, 2012 at 8:16 pm
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        Ms. Haver was incredible in that way – and in her ability to make us laugh.

        I actually have 14 of Mack Sennett’s Bathing Beauties “proofs” (they’re hand numbered and initialed on the originals before he printed them) including the one we’re talking about, the one he took of her for the Movie Weekly cover, the one where she’s on the rocks holding her white dress out and the one where she’s sitting on what looks like the end of a pier where boats are tied with her hand on the pylon. I also have the proof of her looking at Marie Prevost (it’s from the same set as the one where she’s holding a fishing pole and Marie is sitting looking up with the entire cast off to the side or behind them) It took me forever to convince myself that all five of these diverse photos were of the same woman, even with all the signed photos that are on the web.

        I still have seven photos of Mack’s Bathing Beauties that I have yet to identify. It’s driving me crazy. My father, who knew Mack, I don’t know if Dad met Mack while he was dating one of the bathing beauties or if he knew Mack and that’s how he ended up dating some of the gals. I just know he spent time with them. I also know that Mack tried to get my Dad to let him use my half-brother in the movies. (Marshal was extremely cute and precocious as a child). Anyway, I divulge.

        I know I have one of Mildred June, a few more of them are Marie Prevost and Harriet Hammond and several are of Phyllis. But, I still have seven that are unidentified and the web search is just not turning anything up. I even had the National Film Institute checking into the identify of some of these gals. The lady sent me a list of all known BB’s, but it’s woefully short of what I had already found. I was very fortunate to find your site in my research as it helped to put the names to some of these gals. One of my yet unidentified gals is the one who’s wearing the leopard suit. Another unknown gal might be Alice Maison or Mabel Normand.

        Now, if I can just identify the remaining seven. Ah… the search continues.

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